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Meet our Founder

Danielle Walker


I am a graduate of Tennessee State University where I obtained my Bachelor's in Healthcare and Business Management. I became a board-certified Credit Consultant in 2020 and since then, I've helped close family and friends pay down debt and whip their finances into shape! 

My husband and I had about 6 maxed out credit cards, 2 car loans, and a credit score we were not proud of. We were never taught the importance of budgeting, debt management, and credit utilization in our community. Therefore, this lack of basic education followed us into adulthood.

Over the past year, we've paid ALL credit cards down to 1% utilization, paid off one car note, tripled our savings account and increased both of our credit scores over 100 points!!!

We did all of this simply by creating a budget to reduce debt and sticking to the plan. I will never forget the feeling we had when we logged into our credit monitoring and saw over a 100 point spike - WE WERE SHOCKED what a little dedication can do.

My goal is to provide that same feeling to my clients. My motto is "when we know better, we do better" (hopefully). So, once we have the knowledge, we can pass that same financial discipline to our children!!

I look forward to working with you......

- Danielle

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Financial Literacy

Personalized Budget Plans

Debt Management

Credit Coaching

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Budget Planning


I will create a personalized budget that will get you on the right financial path and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

We will have an initial one on one consultation to gather all necessary information. From there, we will meet biweekly to make sure the plan is being implemented and to keep you on track.

Duration: 6 weeks


One-on-One Credit Coaching


Extensive one-on-one review of how credit works, how to read your credit report, understanding your credit score, ways to improve your score and how to budget your finances.

Duration: 2 hours


Financial Literacy Webinar


Our 1 hour Group webinar teaches you the importance of credit and how to use it responsibly. Course is held via Zoom and computer/laptop is suggested. 

Check our calendar for the next webinar.

Duration: 1 hour

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